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Nicker, the Gelding Who Became Mr. Ed’s Mother

Nicker in the photo shown on Mr. Ed's wall

Nicker in the photo shown on Mr. Ed’s wall

I watched in horror as my father’s friend stuck a knife into his leg — on purpose. He’d been whittling a wooden horse as he sat talking on our front porch. I always loved watching his artistry, whether with paper and pencil or that sharp, sharp knife. Stunned, I stared in silence, amazed that everyone else didn’t seem to notice and equally amazed his leg didn’t bleed. At last, he looked my way and laughed. “It’s wooden,” he said as he thumped right above the knife. The sound was hollow. Relief flooded through me and was quickly followed by embarrassment because I’d been caught staring.

But Norman didn’t mind. When he left that evening, he left behind the wooden horse and his aging palomino stallion.

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