Animal Instincts- Kirin Initial Research

An interesting summary of the mythology surrounding the Kirin. I’m going to enjoy checking back from time to time and see further posts and hear about your artistic progress.



First brief for the media elective, and it’s one that’s so far up my street I think I can see my house from here; ‘Animal Instincts’. I quote ‘thoroughly research and investigate the attributes of, and narratives associated with, a mythical creature. Consider its visible and ‘psychological’ attributes, history, mythology and symbolism’. My immediate thought was a dragon, but I can’t help but think that there’s so much mythology for the dragon that I’d never get through it all enough in just two days- and then I thought of the kirin or quilin. NEXT STAGE- RESEARCH– FOR ALL THOSE WHO KNOW NOT OF THE KIRIN. I’ll warn you right now that this pretty longwinded- I’ve shoved in a snappy factfile for those who’d rather read the TL;DR version of affairs

The qilin, kirin, chi lin or kylin is a mythological East Asian chimera thought to be a harbinger…

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